Junk Removal

For junk removal, our prices are based on volume the items take up in the truck.

To give you an idea, we base our pricing on our dump truck or dump trailer which is is 14′ long, 5.5′ high, 8′ wide, and we charge $705 to fill the truck.  For less than a full truck, the price would go down based on the space your items take up – ¾ would be $543, ½ would be $367, 1/4 would be $197.  Our minimum charge is $125.  For extra heavy items (dirt, concrete, safes, etc.) or items that are difficult to get loaded (long walks to truck, items in attics, lots of stairs, etc.), there may be a small additional fee.

Note: For some removal jobs, we may use our large box truck, which holds 2x the volume of our dump trucks, and would be priced as such.

Several examples of estimated item removal pricing:

Washer/Dryer: $125

Mattress/Box Spring: $125

Couch (non-reclining): $125

Dresser: $125

Sectional (non-reclining): $175 – $250

Play Set: $175 – $350

Hot Tub: $250 – $500+


Local Moving

For local moving, we charge a trip fee plus $60/hour per mover, for 2 movers (additional movers if required, would be billed at $50/hour each). We have a 2-hour minimum Monday-Thursday, and a 3-hour minimum Friday-Sunday.

We provide written estimates for all moving jobs.  Before we can send an estimate of your move cost, we would do a short move consultation over the phone (large/complex moves may require an in-home consultation) to get more details about the move (walk distance at both locations, list of items to be moved, number of floors, stairs/elevators, etc…).  Then we will determine the suggested number of movers and provide you with a written estimate of the costs to complete your move.

In-House Moving

For in-house moving, we charge a trip fee per mover plus $60/hour per mover, for a minimum of 2 movers, with a 2-hour minimum.