Thank you for your interest in booking your local move with The Junk Jockey!

Before we can book your move, we would like to do a short move consultation to better understand the details of your move. Most of the time, we can do the consultation over the phone, however, for larger or more complex moves, we may request an in-home consultation. During the move consultation, we will ask you for the following information:

  • Complete list of items we would be moving
  • Do any of your items contain glass?
  • Do we need to disassemble and/or reassemble beds?
  • Are your sofas sectionals, sleepers, or do they recline (manual/electric)
  • Do you have any unusually large/heavy items (armoires, gun safes, tool boxes, grandfather clocks, china cabinets, etc.)
  • Would you like us to use mattress bags?
  • Move location details (truck parking, stairs/elevators, number of floors, walk distances from truck to your home)
  • For elevator access, will we be using reserved freight elevator or public elevators?
  • Move from and move to addresses
  • Will you have any items to be removed as junk?

Once we have all the details about your move, we will send you a written estimate of the costs to complete your move. Move labor is priced by the hour and varies depending on how many movers are required. Our estimates will include the following:

  • Trip fee (we base our trip fees on the travel time from our office to and from your move locations.)
  • Estimated range of hours to complete your move.
  • Estimated cost of materials (stretch wrap, glass boxes, packing supplies, mattress bags, TV boxes, etc.

Once you have reviewed your estimate, if you have any questions, please let us know. If you are ready to book your job, all you have to do is click the “Approve” button, pay a deposit ($100 or 20%, whichever is greater), and your move will be booked. You will receive a booking confirmation, a reminder email the day before, and the crew manager will always call you when they are on the way.

When your move is completed, the crew manager will create an invoice, and you will pay the balance due (less your deposit). We accept checks or credit cards (for all credit cards, we add a 3.5% processing fee).

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